Bridging Urban America: The Story of Ralph Modjeski

Poster for Bridging Urban America: The Story of Ralph Modjeski Celebrates master engineer Ralph Modjeski, 20th century strategically significant bridges and their impact on urban development and commerce. A tribute to innovative engineering, fabricators and bridge workers during two eras of transit. Taking a deeper look at the scientific mind and artistic soul of a Polish-born Paris-trained immigrant who contributed to the building of a modern America. The melding of science + art, music + math, and the bonding between Mother + Son, Mother Earth and Man's ability to challenge himself. As every building and every street has its unique story to tell and connection to our past, bridges have their stories, their mysteries, and links to their communities. Record-breaking spans and riveting stories – the monolithic Ben Franklin in Philadelphia, the controversial Bay Bridge in San Francisco/Oakland, the New Orleans politics behind the Huey P. Long Bridge and the Quebec Bridge catastrophe and reconstruction. Dramatic helicopter aerials and drone-operated cameras capture the beauty and the immensity of these structures, treacherous waterways and major cities, with powerful testaments from experts on Modjeski’s role in the creation of railroad and highway bridges in transportation history. BRIDGING URBAN AMERICA is a relevant film that brings awareness to all generations about the deteriorating state of our bridges and how communities search for sustainable solutions to maintain, rehabilitate and preserve these critical parts of North America's infrastructure. Bridge enthusiasts, American history buffs, engineers + architects as well as those interested in celebrity, music and entrepreneurship of the early 20th century will find this documentary a magnificent cinematic experience. The power to build, influence and progress.

87 minutes
Basia Myszynski, Leonard Myszynski

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