Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive

Poster for Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive Ronen Matalon, born and raised in Jerusalem, makes a living as a tour guide. His tour, called “From Trauma to Fantasy” leads people in the footsteps of terrorist attacks on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem, and attempts to touch upon the collective trauma of those days.he meets Noa, a young and vibrant woman who is back in Israel for a visit. The intense conflict between his childhood memories and his new love leads Ronen to touch upon his own private traumas and find out whether he has the will to live, or only a fear of death.

8 minutes
Yossi Atia

Shown at

  1. Israel Film Festival New York - 2018
  2. Oklahoma Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  3. Victoria International Jewish Film Festival - 2019

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