And Then, Violence

Rebecca, 22, is a secular Jewish Parisian Law student. After the recent terror attacks of January, which hit the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, a French Police officer and clients of a Kosher supermarket in the French Capital, she tries to reconnect with Jonathan, 23, her Jewish ex-boyfriend, who's a bit more religious than her, and who's just moved back to Paris after studying in the US. Their daily lives are constantly interrupted by the violence and the ambient anti-Semitism, which have infiltrated French society over the past few years. Stuck in between their fear, living as Jews in France, their will to leave for a safer place, and their strong ties to a country they have so dearly loved for generations, Rebecca, Jonathan and their families wonder what happened to the French Republic, once a symbol of freedom, equality and fraternity; now a broken system where communities curl up on themselves, allowing violence and hate to resurface.

15 minutes
Jordan Goldnadel
Poster for And Then, Violence

Shown at

  1. 21st Annual Seattle Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2016

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