Against the Reinheitsgebot

Poster for Against the Reinheitsgebot Sarahle, a Holocaust refugee, resists grieving over her husband's passing, cancels the 'Shiva' (7-day mourning period) ceremony. Her daughter Gal, insists on keeping the tradition and honoring her father's memory. Gal calls Benny, her 'Chabad' (orthodox Jewish Hasidic movement) neighbor and asks his help in forming the 'Minyan' (the requirement of 10 Jewish adults) for the proper conduct of the prayer ceremony. As a retort, Sarahle asks Fouzi, her loyal helper, to help her do what she and her husband did all their lives: Brewing beer against the Reinheitsgebot.

9 minutes
Adam Souriano

Shown at

  1. Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival - 2017

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