Torah Treasures & Curious Trash / Torah and Trash: The Art of Jo Milgrom

Poster for Torah Treasures & Curious Trash / Torah and Trash: The Art of Jo Milgrom Jo Milgrom's outsider art mixes Torah and trash. The 87 year old artist/feminist/Jewish thinker scavenges Jerusalem dumpsters for choice junk that she combines with worn out ritual objects rescued from synagogues and funeral homes. Armed with only a glue gun, she challenges the religious establishment by juxtaposing the sacred and the mundane in her assemblage. The film reveals Jo's deep knowledge of Jewish tradition while celebrating her irreverent attitude. She brings the spirit of iconoclastic Berkeley, where she lived for decades, to the holy city of Jerusalem. This film is a rich visual portrait of Jo's world: an overflowing treasure trove of antique typewriters, computer parts, broken glass and esoteric Judaica. This film will forever change the way you see a trash can.

25 minutes
Paula Weiman-Kelman

Shown at

  1. 13º Festival Internacional de Cine Judio Mexico - 2016
  2. Vancouver Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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