The Raven – Ze’ev Jabotinsky / Haorev – Ze’ev Jabotinsky

The Raven is a touching and exciting portrait of one of Israel’s most contradictory figures. From producer Yair Qedar (Bialik, King of the Jews) comes this adventurous telling about Zionism’s most enigmatic leader. Born in Odessa, Jabotinsky was a brilliant writer and passionate spokesperson for Russia’s ethnic minorities. Eventually refocusing his energies and skills to the Zionist cause, he established the controversial Revisionist Party. While Jabotinsky is often memorialized as a key founder of the Israeli far right, director Ayelet Ofarim presents a more complex portrait of his dynamic life and character, using readings complimented with stunning animation and wonderful narration.

Original title:
Haorev - Ze'ev Jabotinsky
60 minutes
Ayelet Ofarim

Shown at

  1. 24th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2016

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