The Midnight Orchestra / L’orchestre de minuit

Poster for The Midnight Orchestra / L’orchestre de minuit After leaving Morocco amidst racial tensions spurred by the Yom Kippur war, the son of a once famous Jewish musician travels to his home country to bury his father. As he meets the members of the band, his life unexpectedly transforms.

Original title:
L'orchestre de minuit
114 minutes
Jérôme Cohen-Olivar

Shown at

  1. 13th Annual JCC Rockland International Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. 18th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival (Detroit) - 2016
  3. 19th Annual New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  4. 19th CAJE Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  5. 21st Annual Seattle Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  6. 24th Portland Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  7. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  8. Charlotte Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  9. Cherry Hill Volvo Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  10. Chicago Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  11. Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  12. East Bay Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  13. Gainesville Jewish Film Fest - 2016
  14. Jewish Film Festival of Southwest Florida - 2016
  15. Jewish Film Series (Highland Park) - 2018
  16. JFilm Festival (Pittsburgh) - 2016
  17. Morris and Mollye Fogelman International Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  18. Southampton Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  19. St. Louis Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  20. Toledo Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  21. Triad Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  22. Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  23. Westchester Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  24. Winnipeg International Jewish Film Festival - 2016

4 Responses

  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    Poignant AJFF Film Chronicles Jewish Migration From Morocco

    The film, “Midnight Orchestra,” follows a Jewish man’s return to Morocco, where he was raised.

    Slowly, through the film, he discovers why his father, a famous musician, made his family leave the country for Israel decades before.

  2. jewishfilmfests says:

    In the immortal “Casablanca,” cagey club owner Humphrey Bogart remarks that he came to the titular Moroccan city “for the waters.”

    When police captain Claude Rains points out that they’re in a desert, Bogart’s Rick replies enigmatically, “I was misinformed.”

    Michael Botbol, the Moroccan Jewish protagonist of the picaresque comedy-mystery “The Midnight Orchestra,” can identify.

  3. Audry says:

    Where can this movie be bought? I saw it in Morocco in theatres and want a copy.

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