The Man in the Wall

Poster for The Man in the Wall One night. One apartment. One missing person. Rami takes his dog on a walk and does not return. He disappeared. His wife, Shir, is clueless as to his whereabouts. Different people come in and out of the apartment during that night – each for their own reasons. Could one of them hold the key to the mystery?

Original title:
Haish Shebakir
92 minutes
Evgeny Ruman

Shown at

  1. 19th CAJE Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. Boston Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  3. Houston Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  4. Israel Film Festival New York - 2016
  5. Jewish International Film Festival (Australia) - 2015

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  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    What is interesting about the one-night, one-apartment premise is how Ruman executes it. The film is split into 12 sequences, each a long take of its own. “The decision was made when I was writing the script. It was important for me to show the episodes in real time, giving the audience a feeling that they are inside the apartment experiencing everything exactly the same as the characters.”

  2. Roberto Delgado de Souza says:

    I wanna know whats song is that on the movie? Its really good!!

    • jewishfilmfests says:

      Here are some details about the song:

      “The Man in the Wall” – The Story behind the title.

      Lyrics: Yehuda Foradis
      Music: Meir Harnik
      Performance: GREEDYADAM
      Vocals: Noam Enbar
      Guitar: Adam Scheflan
      Drums: Ariel Armoni
      Adapted, produced & mixed by: GREEDYADAM
      Originally, the song “The man in the wall”, was written by Israeli author Yehudah Paradis in 1955.
      It was inspired by a short story by a French writer Marcel Aymé.
      The story, “The passer-through-walls”, is a about a man who discovers that he’s able to pass effortlessly through walls. He exploits his ability, until one day he remains trapped inside the wall.

      In the beginning of the 90’s, the forgotten song was revived by Israeli famous rock musician Berry Sakharov who recorded a cover version.
      The song, which inspired the name of the film, became a part of the movie as well.
      A new cover version was written and performed especially for the film by Noam Enbar, a cult Israeli musician and performer. 
      Various versions of the song:
      By Shimshon Bar Noy (1955)
      By Berry Sakharof (1991)

      FYI: I found the above information in the film’s presskit:

  3. Yve says:

    I enjoyed the film a lot! It is really fascinating. And I love the song and would like to find the lyric !!
    Is it possible?

    • jewishfilmfests says:

      The lyrics are written in Hebrew under this version of the song:

      Below is the Google translation:

      Inside the wall stands a man
      In solitary he stands there
      Who knows the man in the wall?
      The man is standing on the wall long ago
      He can not get out of here
      Who knows the man in the wall?
      The little man in the huge wall
      The weak man and the strong wall
      Who knows the man in the wall?
      The man whispers softly I want to go out
      Who knows the man in the wall?
      His voice died away I’ll stay there forever
      Who knows the man in the wall?

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