The Forgers of History / Les Faussaires De L’Histoire

Poster for The Forgers of History / Les Faussaires De L’Histoire Almost 70 years after the liberation of the Nazi extermination camps, some anti-semites continue to deny the planned execution of the Jews by the Nazis. According to French historian Annette Wieviorka, the issue lies in the fact that following the war, many survivors did not wish to speak of their experience, or were simply silenced. This opened the doors to past perpetrators, collaborators, or anticommunist extreme rightists, to fill the silence with denials and their versions of history. It took twenty years, at the Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem, to finally hear the testimony of 111 survivors. Nevertheless, despite the facts, deniers are still prevalent, focusing on technicalities of the Final Solution; and today, accusing Israel of having “invented” the Shoah to serve its own interests. Riveting and disturbing, this important documentary focuses on the evolution of different anti-Semitic tendencies.

Original title:
Les Faussaires De L’Histoire
62 minutes
Michaël Prazan

Shown at

  1. Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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