The Eulogy of Pini Gurevich

Yoni Kaplan, an actor in the beginning of his career, gets a bizarre job, to read a eulogy written by the deceased in his own funeral. Yoni arrives late after all other eulogies have been read and moments before the funeral is about to end. He introduces him- self and quickly approaches the podium and begins reading the eulogy. The eulogy is written in a very cynical sense of humor which characterizes its powerful and influential writer. As the eulogy progresses a window is opened into the deceased's intriguing life and personality. We learn that the deceased, Pini Gurevich (64), wrote the eulogy to reveal a secret to his family and friends before leaving our world. Yoni arrives to the funeral without having the slightest idea of what is about to unfold. To his amazement, he recognizes his mother amongst the mourners in the crowd when he momentarily looks up from the text. His mother, who was also invited to attend the funeral, is in shock when she sees her son approaching the podium to read the eulogy. She tries to hide in the crowd but it's too late... Towards the end of the eulogy, Pini's life-long and hidden secret is revealed to everybody's astonishment.

20 minutes
Jacob Nes-el

Shown at

  1. Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival - 2016

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