The Duchess of Warsaw

Poster for The Duchess of Warsaw Thirty-year-old Valentin is a young painter locked inside an imaginary world. A reunion with his grandmother Nina gives him the opportunity to stroll through a fantasy Paris. During these few days, a truth emerges from behind appearances. Nina has always refused to speak about her past, even with her son. Valentin has never been able to love. Nina finally accepts to tell him about how she was sent to the concentration camps. When day breaks, Valentin, freed at last, can begin to fill his canvases with color and enter the real world.

Original title:
La duchesse de Varsovie
86 minutes
Joseph Morder

Shown at

  1. 26th Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. Beijing Jewish Film Week - 2015
  3. UK Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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