"Slaves" is a documentary that looks into the aberrations of a system that keeps prostitution up. The protagonists reflect, based on their experiences, on the implications and consequences that prostitution has left in their lives. Their voices are the trigger for the analysis of a group of professionals dedicated to investigating and defending the position of women in the evolution of capitalism, a system that perpetuates this reality and has validated this type of violence. When a woman is born, she does not choose her destiny. Exploitation, prostitution and slavery are constant threats: history, cultural patterns, economic systems and the rituals that shape civilization, constrain her possibilities. The exploitation of women bodies as merchandise in the hands of dealers motivated by the lack of control of a consumerist society, nullify their capacities as human beings. Under the gaze of the people who are committed to the abolition of this form of sexual slavery, in "Slaves" it is evidenced the knowing silence we are all part of.

Original title:
26 minutes
Alejandro Chaparro, Frida Spiwak

Shown at

  1. 12º Punta del Este Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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