My Beloved Uncles

Poster for My Beloved Uncles A poetic quest for a long-vanished uncle inspires questions of identity, fate, dreams and hopes. Obsessed with the disappearance of his uncle Yisrael some 65 years ago, filmmaker Eran Barak returns to his family’s old neighborhood. In his search he turns to his various relatives: Uncle Gavriel, who was just released after 35 years in prison; Uncle Aryeh, wallowing in thoughts while lounging on his mother's sofa; and Uncle Uri who makes a living collecting scrap-metal and looking for a meaningful relationship. A story of broken dreams and disappointments. A look at those who remained in the neighborhood, and were left to suffer the pain of non-integration into Israeli society.

72 minutes
Eran Barak

Shown at

  1. 24th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2016

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  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    The Story of a Family

    My Beloved Uncles, directed by Eran Barak, is a compelling look at a neighborhood, a quirky family, and a quest for dreams and hopes. Produced in the style of a personal documentary, the film also covers the phenomenon of kidnapped Sephardi babies during the early years of the state. This is not just a standard documentary — it also makes use of creative elements which add to its unique nature.

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