Martin Buber, Itinerary of a Humanist / Martin Buber, itinéraire d’un humaniste

Filmmaker Pierre-Henry Salfati (Gainsbourg by Gainsbourg) offers an accessible and eloquent introduction to the life and ideas of Martin Buber, one of the most influential modern Jewish philosophers and a contemporary of Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka and Theodor Herzl. As an ardent Zionist, Buber’s vision for the Jewish state and its peaceful co­existence with its neighbours was one of humanism and socialism. His monumental realizations about the Jewish people’s contemporary position in the world were born out of his upbringing in an Orthodox family and his turning to “secular” philosophical studies. Buber’s fascinating life is told through engaging interviews with the world’s most renowned Buber scholars.

Original title:
Martin Buber, itinéraire d’un humaniste
52 minutes
Pierre-Henry Salfati

Shown at

  1. 24th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2016

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