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Hummus – the superfood sweeping America – has the power to connect Muslims, Christians and Jews… in the Middle East, America and around the world. Beyond cultural, religious and political divides, three colorful characters – a hardworking Muslim woman, an ever-smiling Jew and a young, restless Christian Arab – share one thing in common… a delicious passion for Hummus!

Shown at

  1. Budapesti Zsidó és Izraeli Filmfesztivál - 2017
  2. Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  3. Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - 2018

4 thoughts on “Hummus the Movie

  1. 72 Minutes (2016)
    Berlin Jewish film festival 2016
    San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2016
    Omaha Jewish Film Festival 2016
    Palm Beach Jewish film Festival 2016.
    Seattle International film festival 2016.

  2. Hi I’m the director of Hummus! The Movie and its a 70 minute film not 59 as mentioned here.
    Jewish film festivals it attended so far:
    2)San Francisco
    8)Hong kong
    10)Sau Paulo
    And many other non Jewish festivals including Seattle International Film festival.

    • I corrected the length of the film on this site. FYI: As we add those festivals one by one along with what films are shown there the list of festivals showing under your movie will also grow accordingly.

  3. I showed the film Hummus for a Synagogue Selichot program.
    A clever idea, but too involved family stories.
    It wasn’t as enjoyable as I hoped!

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