"Fauda" (Arabic for 'Chaos') depicts the two-sided story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Doron, a commander of undercover Israeli unit operating inside Palestinian territories, and his team, are hunting down Hamas activist Abu-Ahmed. On the other side of the fence, the tragic life of Abu-Ahmed and his family, and the reasons for their escalating hatred towards Israel.

45 minutes
Avi Issacharoff, Lior Raz

Shown at

  1. Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - 2015
  2. Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  3. Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  4. Houston Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  5. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2017
  6. Israel Film Festival New York - 2016
  7. Jewish International Film Festival (Australia) - 2015
  8. Randi & Bruce Pergament Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  9. Ring Family Wesleyan University Israel Film Festival - 2016
  10. UK Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  11. Westchester Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  12. Westchester Jewish Film Festival - 2018

7 Responses

  1. Paul Usiskin says:

    I’m trying to find the DVD series of Fauda, the whole first season. Can you help. If not, is there a link to streamed episodes?

  2. jewishfilmfests says:

    New Israeli drama explores both sides of the conflict

    Israeli television has been seriously good for a while now, as anyone who’s followed the trajectory of homegrown Israeli dramas like Hatufim, successfully adapted a year after its 2010 release to the critically-acclaimed American variation, Homeland, can attest.


  3. jewishfilmfests says:

    Fauda: Hit TV series has united Arab and Israeli audiences

    A WORLD weary cop pulled out of his idyllic winery retirement for one last gig is a scene we’re all familiar with from one too many police dramas. But that’s where the similarities end.


  4. jewishfilmfests says:

    Fauda — A Crackling Israeli TV Series

    Fauda, premiered last February on Israeli television, focuses on Israel’s deadly confrontation with Hamas, the Palestinian national movement that has fought three wars with Israel and unleashed torrents of suicide bombers on Israeli civilians.


  5. JE says:

    Where can I buy the full Fauda series?

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