Eva, Ruda, Léo and me

Eva and Ruda tells the story of two singular characters, born in Prague at the dawn of the twentieth century who realize, in spite of themselves, that they are Jews. What was previously a question of mere social convention suddenly becomes a matter of life and death. As lovers, they face fear and danger, miraculously escape the death camps to build a new life of togetherness in Canada. A reader, also the film's narrator, discovers their incredible lives. How did their love for each other last a whole life-time? How could they love so deeply, given their intimate knowledge of "evil"? It is the beginning of an extensive quest for the reader who, as we discover, is haunted by a painful love story of her own, suffered in the flower of youth. Intertwining the auteur's original voice with the powerful story of Eva and Ruda, the film deals with crucial themes such as love, war and resilience.

Original title:
Eva, Ruda, Léo et moi
53 minutes
Jo Légaré, Jean-Nicolas Orhon

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