Cinema: A Public Affair

Poster for Cinema: A Public Affair A cineastic journey into the world of Naum Kleiman, one of the most important intellectuals in Russia today. Naum Kleiman, an internationally acclaimed Eisenstein specialist, is the director of the „Musey Kino“, Moscow’s museum of cinema. Since 1989, the „Musey Kino“, has shown previously banned classics of world cinema and Soviet films. Many saw the „Musey Kino“, as Moscow ́s most important intellectual forum. In 2005, the Moscow municipality sold the „Musey Kino’s“ building and it became homeless. In October 2014, the Russian Minister of Culture fired Naum Kleiman as director. In protest, his entire team handed in their resignations. Scenes from iconic movies and interviews with Muscovites of different ages and social backgrounds form a documentary film collage which mirrors Russian reality today.

100 minutes
Tatiana Brandrup

Shown at

  1. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2016

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  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    In recording the events that occurred with the Moscow Cinema Museum, Brandrup reveals that she, too, believes art can bring justice and freedom. Perhaps that is why governments which would oppress and control as Russia’s does will not encourage art that enlightens or encourages civic empowerment, nor encourages Cinema Museums to provide democratic forums for that end.

  2. jewishfilmfests says:

    Somehow Public Affair manages to be rapturously heady when addressing the transformational virtues of cinema and bracingly candid (if not downright depressing) when illuminating the state of Russian personal liberties (or the lack thereof). Arguably, Kleiman is lucky to be alive. If you doubt it, just ask Boris Nemtsov or Anna Politkovskaya. By turns charming, compelling, and deeply galling, Cinema: a Public Affair is the can’t-miss high point of this year’s NYJFF. Very highly recommended

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