Autism in Love

Poster for Autism in Love Unfortunately, when it comes to romantic relationships, people with autism have a distinct disadvantage. Being plagued by this developmental disorder jeopardizes the core characteristics of a relationship - communication and social interaction. Ostensibly it seems that some may never truly experience romantic love, or at least love by a typical definition. However, we know this to be false. We have innumerable instances of people with autism falling in love and having meaningful romantic relationships. AUTISM IN LOVE has captured those yet unexplored experiences. We've harnessed the power of cinema to reveal the truths of this otherwise marginalized community, and we're presenting a personal and critical perspective on the most important aspect of the human condition... love.

76 minutes
Matt Fuller

Shown at

  1. Chicago Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. Maine Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  3. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2015

2 Responses

  1. Michelle Yetman, PhD says:

    I am child clinical psychologist specializing in Autistic Spectrum Disorders at the Children’s Center at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am on the faculty of the medical school and train medical students and residents, educating them about autism.
    I came across you film and am interested in incorporating it into community-wide educational event for this April’s Autism Awareness month. Please send me information about the films availability and cost to showcase it for a single screening. Thank you.

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