Poster for Abulele Adam's older brother was killed in a car crash a year ago. His family has not been the same since. As his parents struggle to cope with their grief, Adam (10), plagued with guilt over his brother's death feels he is all alone in the world. But everything changes the day he meets Abulele. The Abulele are ancient monsters, bear-sized. Local legends tell that they are extremely dangerous, but in fact, they turn out to be quite friendly and playful creatures. Abulele quickly becomes Adam's best and most secret friend. Together, they outsmart Adam's mean schoolteacher and beat the class bullies. But Adam's parents start to suspect he is harboring a secret, And when a government, Special Forces unit called "Thunder" appears in the neighborhood on a mission to capture Abulele things go from bad to worse. In order to save his best friend, Adam will have to get Abulele back home to its family, and to do so, he will need to put the past behind him and realize that when you truly love someone, ...

90 minutes
Jonathan Geva

Shown at

  1. 19th Annual Jewish Film Festival of Grand Rapids - 2017
  2. 21st Denver Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  3. Athens Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  4. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  5. Austin Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  6. Austin Jewish Film Festival - 2020
  7. Boston Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  8. Budapesti Zsidó és Izraeli Filmfesztivál - 2018
  9. Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - 2017
  10. Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  11. East Bay International Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  12. Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival - 2021
  13. Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  14. Honolulu Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  15. Indianapolis Israeli Film Festival - 2017
  16. Israel Film Festival New York - 2016
  17. Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia - 2017
  18. Louisville Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  19. Moscow Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  20. Northern Virginia International Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  21. Rochester Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  22. SERET the London Israeli Film & TV Festival - 2016
  23. Treasure Coast Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  24. Triad Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  25. Warsaw Jewish Film Festival - 2017

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