A Children’s Song

Poster for A Children’s Song When two students competing for a music scholarship discover that their original compositions are based on a single family song, both are determined to prove ownership, leading them to uncover the long lost true origin of the melody: a story of salvation and hope when over 20,000+ Jews emigrated to Shanghai during WWII.

27 minutes
Shayna Cohen

Shown at

  1. 27th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  2. Cherry Hill Volvo Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  3. PJFF Fall Festival - 2017
  4. Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival - 2017
  5. St. Louis Jewish Film Festival - 2016

2 Responses

  1. Steven says:

    This film scores 10 out of 10. A terrific film that that encapitulated time, harmony, suffrage, love thy fellow man as you love yourself. This film belongs to be seen by the citizens of Shanghai and the descendants of the 20,000 jewish lives saved by the people of shanghai.

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