Short drama inspired by the "Midrash" on Kamtsa and Bar - Kamtsa , about the "Midrash" Study published Kamsa and Bar Kamsa about the messenger Hmtblbl number and places an order at the feast of one of the wealthiest Jerusalem bar - Kamsa , loathed by the customer . Despite calls from the Bar Kamsa not to embarrass his face and thrown out at a banquet in everyone is not compliant and remove it. Bar - Kamsa decided to take revenge , he seditious, the Romans against the Jews of the city to the destruction of Jerusalem. Dudi ( 35 ) works as a messenger of engagement gifts and special events in Jerusalem. When sent to give an engagement ring to one customer is confused at and gives the ring its neighbor . Attempt to correct the error only going to complicate matters .

8 minutes
Golan Rise

Shown at

  1. Athens Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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