There and Here

When Harry Klaussner, a Holocaust survivor who hid his past to become a pilot, went to the flight academy, he befriended navigator Shaia Harsit. The two spent hours up in the air, but only after sixty years did Harry discover that Shaia too survived the Holocaust as a child. They aren't the only ones: Out of the 330 Israeli pilots in 1956, over 130 were Holocaust survives who hid their true identity. It was their way to survive in Israel too. This is the story of four of them who venture out on a journey throughout their lost childhood, silent youth and glory days as pilots, to tell the story of those who came from there and became the heart of the Israeli dream here.

Original title:
Sham VeKan
56 minutes
Avida Livny

Shown at

  1. Gainesville Jewish Film Fest - 2015

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