The Yatzkans / Les Yatzkan

Poster for The Yatzkans / Les Yatzkan Following the death of her mother, filmmaker Anna-Célia Kendall receives an email from a Lithuanian museum director informing her she may be a descendant of the Yatzkan family. Inheriting piles of cardboard boxes, which at first seem worthless, she finds within them photos, letters and supermarket receipts that were kept by her mother. Scouring the Internet for information, she learns that her grandfather founded Haynt, Warsaw’s Yiddish daily newspaper. Ultimately she is led to find and reunite with far-flung cousins she never knew existed. With one in particular, Doris, an artist, they journey “back” to Lithuania to create a beautiful tribute to their family.

Original title:
Les Yatzkan
75 minutes
Anna-Célia Kendall-Yatzkan


Shown at

  1. 24th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. 32nd Annual Buffalo International Jewish Film - 2017

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