The Last Cyclist / Poslední cyklista

The Last Cyclist (Poslední cyklista) is a Czech drama about a childless Jewish couple who adopt an Aryan baby girl prior to WWII. Klára knows nothing of her adoption nor of her Christian origins. She only knows she has a loving mother, father, grandmother, and school friends; is being raised with Jewish traditions; and has a wonderful life in Prague. With the advent of WWII, their lives slowly begin to unravel, and Klára’s father wants to send her to Palestine with some of his relatives for whom he obtained exit visas. But Klára insists on remaining with her parents, not understanding, of course, the ramifications of this decision. Will the truth of her birth origins be enough for her parents to save her? The Last Cyclist is a well-cast film with meticulous period research that will have viewers engaged until the very end.

Original title:
Poslední cyklista
83 minutes
Jiri Svoboda

Shown at

  1. 26th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. Boulder Jewish Film Festival - 2020

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