Smile, and the World Will Smile Back

One cold December night, soldiers come up to the Haddad home in the Palestinian town of Hebron and knock on the door. They've come to search the house. Diaa, the teenage son, reaches for the family's video camera. As the search unfolds, a strange power struggle evolves, pitting gun against camera. The night grows colder, and the soldiers take Diaa outside and order him to face the wall - they won't leave until he stops smiling.

Original title:
Im tekhayekh, ha'Olam yekhayekh elekha
21 minutes
Abdelkarim al-Haddad, Ahmad al-Haddad, Diaa al-Haddad, Shada al-Haddad, Yoav Gross, Ehab Tarabieh

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  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    When the Occupied Film the Occupiers
    By Mira Sucharov
    “At its best, art is about connection. A new Israeli-Palestinian documentary short film exploits the natural three-way relationship between artist, audience and subject to reveal an unexpected source of real-life intimacy: that between occupier and occupied. Produced by B’Tselem and directed by Ehab Tarabieh, Yoav Gross, and the al-Haddad family, “Smile, and the World Will Smile Back,” which screened July 16 at the Jerusalem Film Festival, is a study in understatement. As the opening sequence explains, under the terms of occupation, Palestinians in the West Bank are subject to arbitrary IDF searches without a warrant, though the IDF legal advisor has ruled that residents may film such operations.”

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