Salomea’s Nose

Poster for Salomea’s Nose Salomea remembers the day her beloved brothers, Max and Karl, disfigured her and themselves for life. The Day of Tragedy, is what their mother called it, and blamed it on the fate of her children. Though fate and tragedy have a different meaning by the end of her tale. A tragicomedy about sibling rivalry, disfigurement and the pain that binds us.

22 minutes
Susan Korda

Shown at

  1. 25th Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  2. Cleveland Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  3. Geneva International Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  4. Judaica - Mostra de Cultura e Cinema - 2015
  5. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  6. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  7. Westchester Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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