Papa Was Not a Rolling Stone

Poster for Papa Was Not a Rolling Stone Growing up Jewish in the 1980s Paris projects, where France had pushed its Jews and Arabs from its unwelcome colonies, isn’t easy, especially with an absent mother and brutal stepfather. But Stéphanie is determined to go to college and pursue her love of dance. With its leg warmers, torn leotards and excellent 1980s soundtrack, this film could well be described as the French Flashdance! A funny, autobiographical coming-of-age story about pushing past the difficulties of your reality and following your dreams.

99 minutes
Sylvie Ohayon

Shown at

  1. 24th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. Jewish International Film Festival (Australia) - 2015
  3. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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    « Papa was not a Rolling Stone » au San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

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