Metamorphosis of a Melody

Poster for Metamorphosis of a Melody It collects the testimonies of people whose Yiddish language heritage has almost not been transmitted. For them, Yiddish is a ghost heritage treasure they decided not or could not teach their own children. Behind the non-transmission of this language are shaped the concepts of integration and identity. How to save a minority culture from disappearing while escaping any ethnic self-segregation ? This is the story of their journey against this original rupture. With their own words, they open a universal debate on the notion of identity, the role of the parent-child relationship in the transmission of culture, religious practice and community history.

Original title:
Métamorphose d'une mélodie
52 minutes
Claire Judrin, Fabrice Vacher

Shown at

  1. 18th CAJE Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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