Leslie’s Journey / El viaje de Leslie

On the first of June, 1943, an aerial incident occurred off the Galician coast. Flight 777, a passenger aircraft on the Lisbon – Bristol route, was attacked by German fighters. The plane was brought down, falling into the sea with no survivors. It was a common type of incident in the Second World War, but not just one of many. It had a great impact and, even today, there is much speculation about what was behind it. Among the passengers were Tyrrell Mildmay Shervington (head of the Secret Service in Lisbon and director of the Shell company), Wilfrid B. Israel (director of the London Jewish Agency), Ivan James Sharp (in charge of a mission to buy wolfram), as well as the famous British actor, Leslie Howard.

Original title:
El viaje de Leslie
76 minutes
Marcos Nine

Shown at

  1. Judaica - Mostra de Cultura e Cinema - 2017

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