Last Stop

A vast and violent labyrinth lies right in the heart of Tel Aviv. It is the Central Bus Station, Israel’s main transportation artery. Living in and around it are thousands of new refugees, a second generation of guest workers with no identity of their own, and impoverished Jewish families who feel like strangers in their homes. This labyrinth is at the center of their lives. Chaos rules in this impossible meeting place. The racism that erupted from its cellars has gotten out of control and life continues precariously, as if perched on a keg of gunpowder. A war of all against all.

76 minutes
Julie Shles

Shown at

  1. Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival - 2016

2 Responses

  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    ESRA magazine: Helen Schary Motro: LIFE IN THE CITY’S UNDERBELLY – A FILM REVIEW
    “Last Stop is gritty, seamy, violent, and mesmerizing. It is a documentary in the best tradition of the urban expose. Last Stop won the distinction of opening the DocAviv festival and won the competition’s Best Research Award. Judges said the film “dives courageously into a perplexing labyrinth” and called it a “disturbing picture of a city in transition”. It deserved the honor.”

  2. Diane Spears says:

    I am a 61yr old female that was born, and raised in the U.S. I am a Christian. I remember even as a young child dreaming of going to Israel. There is no amount of money that exists in this world today that if offered to me in exchange for going to Israel, would I accept. I can assure you my decision is not based upon any other reason than the modern day, “Nazi Israelis”.

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