J Street: The Art of the Possible

Poster for J Street: The Art of the Possible J Street is on the frontlines of the world’s most “intractable” problem. An upstart lobby in Washington, D.C., J Street dares to assert what to many seems obvious: that a two-state solution is Israel’s only future, and any peace deal will require robust American participation. It sees itself playing David to the Israel Lobby’s Goliath, and, less than five years old, has been making surprising gains. This feature length documentary tracks J Street as it attempts to change what it means to be pro-Israel in America. We see their missteps and their triumphs as they struggle to push the Obama administration to take an active role in negotiating a two-state solution. In this urgent political story told with the intimacy of cinema vérité, we feel the pulse of an organization, taking viewers to high-level strategy meetings, and long nights on the road. It is here that our characters come to life and the J Street story unfolds. Through interviews with high level Israeli politicians and American journalists and thinkers we examine the larger issues surrounding J Street and the politics of the Middle East. It is at once a gripping story about the desperate need for a two-state solution and an insightful document of the American political process at work.

71 minutes
Ben Avishai, Ken Winikur

Shown at

  1. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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