It Never Rained on Rhodes

It is a short experimental film about the universality of loss. Five hundred years ago, the Jewish community on the Aegean island of Rhodes was formed in response to the Spanish Inquisition. In 1944, 1,673 people were shipped to Auschwitz from Rhodes, the farthest locale from which the Nazis deported Jews. Six months later when Auschwitz was liberated, only 151 of Rhodes' Jewish community survived. None returned home. The piece is not meant as an historically accurate documentary, but as a contemporary abstraction of one community's story. It avoids specific geographic, demographic and historic references, in order to transform the story of one small community into a vehicle that emotionally engages the audience in personal notions of loss and history. The island becomes the metaphor for any place the viewer imagines it to be and the losses expressed by those in the film become the losses of place, heritage, youth or cultural identity as experienced by the audience.

30 minutes
Barry Salzman

Shown at

  1. 18th Annual New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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