Holy Land

Set in the most contested place on earth, “Holy Land” is a documentary film about the West Bank that follows three Palestinians and three Israelis over the course of a year. They come from across the spectrum: from Hamas to Peace Now. They are extremists, moderates, pursuers of a third way — not necessarily do gooders, but all passionate believers in a personal cause. They live on the same hills and under the same sky, but confront starkly different moral choices. They all face the real threat of sudden violence, the possibility of a third intifada or major regional war. They endure, all sharing a deep belief that this land is Holy — and worth dying for. The film is an ensemble story, presenting multiple narratives and perspectives, going beyond stereotypes to portray six compelling individuals and the struggles they have faced during the eventful seasons of the past year. We are independent and non partisan: a US-based director/producer, teamed up with Israeli and Palestinian producers and crew.

70 minutes
Peter Cohn

Shown at

  1. 20th Annual Seattle Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  2. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2014

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