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    Plevris’ private empire of lies (video)

    Hate, a documentary by Nadav Eyal, an Israeli journalist, explores prejudice toward minorities and foreigners in Europe by uniquely engaging with both victims and perpetrators of xenophobia in an effort to “understand how the virus of anti-Semitism survives and continues to infect.”


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    The ninth annual Athens Jewish Film Festival is six weeks away, but organizers are offering a pre-fest sample with Hate, by Israeli journalist Nadav Eyal. Weaving accounts told by victims of anti-Semitism and xenophobia with those told by perpetrators, the documentary explores the resilience of racism and hate culture. The film will be followed by a panel discussion on current events with Dr. Cas Muddle, associate professor at the School for Public and International Affairs at UGA, and Dr. Dawn Bennett-Alexander, associate professor at the UGA Terry College of Business


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