Giza, the Suitcase Child / Giza, La Nina de la Maleta

Poster for Giza, the Suitcase Child / Giza, La Nina de la Maleta It tells the story of Giza Alterwajn, born in 1940 in the Warsaw Ghetto, who was hidden in a suitcase his first year. He survived the war in the home of a Polish Christian family and after the war came to Uruguay with his biological uncles. After 65 years without contact, Giza and his adoptive sister, Danusia Galkowa, met again in Poland.

Original title:
Giza, La Nina de la Maleta
46 minutes
David Serrano Blanquer

2 Responses

  1. Miranda Giza Alamillo says:

    How can I read about this information. My maiden name is Giza and would like to learn more information about my heritage.

    • jewishfilmfests says:

      You commented on a webpage which is about a film which has your maiden name in it, but I don’t think there is any information in the film about the name itself. Just a person who bear the same name. I recommend asking a genealogist or etymologist.

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