Defense Files

An unrepentant glimpse at public defenders and the criminals they represent. Attorney client privilege has been lifted for the first time in Israel to present the criminal justice system in a hyper-realistic way. Here are the stories of a racist soccer fan who attacks Arabs, an African nanny accused of causing a baby's death, a customs inspector charged with accepting a bribe, and more. This series focuses on the complexity of the human spirit and the crises facing society today.

35 minutes
Moish Goldberg

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  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    This year’s Israeli TV documentary series, Defense Files, is better than drama and better than reality TV — it provides a fascinating and realistic glimpse into the world of the criminal justice system and a look at the challenges facing Israeli society today. It also helps the viewer to understand the world of the public defender’s office — where the uniquely motivated lawyers are trying to help people who come from diverse backgrounds, some of whom have been wrongfully accused and others have made serious mistakes.

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