Border Living

When life in the big city is unaffordable, a young Israeli family decides to relocate from central Israel to the periphery. With their two small children in tow, filmmaker Ronit Ifergan and her husband move to Kfar Aza, a beautiful kibbutz near the Israeli-Gaza border . The young family quickly embraces the prosperous and relaxed atmosphere offered by kibbutz life, but then... the first Qassam missile from Gaza comes, followed by a second and a third. Ifergan documents the last three years of their lives, as the missiles falling on the kibbutz become routine, and they find themselves dealing with a reality that places them in an ongoing state of insecurity. Facing this challenge forces them to ask tough questions about their choices, and about their responsibility as parents, as they struggle with their children's and their own anxieties. Border Living offers an intimate glimpse at a family trying to find the courage to cope with a complex Israeli reality, in a place that makes one re-examine all of one's boundaries and beliefs.

55 minutes
Ronit Ifergan

Shown at

  1. 14th Annual Beth Tzedec Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  2. 25th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  3. Davie Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  4. New Jersey Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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