A Town Called Brzostek

Poster for A Town Called Brzostek When Jonathan Webber told his English family he wanted to spend their money restoring an abandoned Jewish cemetery in a remote corner of southern Poland, they thought he'd finally lost it. Nobody knew just what he was getting into, or how the local Poles would react. What happened in that small town took everybody by surprise, and deeply affected families in London, New York and Sydney. It all began in a place hard to find on a map and impossible to pronounce - a town called Brzostek.

50 minutes
Simon Target

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  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    A Town Called Brzostek [2014]

    The film’s about the recent rededication of the Jewish cemetery in the town of Brzostek in south-eastern Poland largely on initiative of former Oxford University professor Jonathan Webber whose family, Jewish, had roots in the region. Indeed, one of the main points of the film was that 85% of the world’s Jewish families have roots in Poland and yet almost universally those roots are remembered very negatively.


  2. jewishfilmfests says:

    Back to Polish roots
    According to filmmaker Simon Target, “it’s cool to be Jewish” in Poland today…and his film “A Town Called Brzostek” will be shown on ABC-TV’s Compass on Sunday.
    The film features Sydney barrister Irving Wallach.

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