They Were Promised the Sea

They Were Promised the Sea is the story of a people whose identity as Arab Jews challenges the very notion of enemy. Informed by the director's family history, the film investigates the exodus that virtually emptied Morocco of its Jewish population, many believing they were no longer safe in their Arab homeland. Intimate interviews, poetry, recordings of Judeo-Andalusian music performed in Arabic, Hebrew, Ladino, thread the subjects' storylines and reveal a little-known history of a land and a people that resisted the separation of Arab and Jew and a country that sees itself as reincarnating the spirit of Al Andalus. Stunningly shot in former Jewish Berber villages, They Were Promised the Sea is a lyrical meditation on loss and longing, on hope and the possibilities of coexistence.

Original title:
Pour Une Nouvelle Seville
74 minutes
Kathy Wazana

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  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    Review with Director’s feed back on THE LOST MOROCCAN JEWS

    Despite the misleading titles this is a penerating documentary about the lost Jews of Morocco, lost on two accounts: lost to Morocco when the left en masse in 1965 emmigrating to Israel, and then, Lost in Israel, the “Promised Land” whose promise turned out to be a big disappointment when they were treated there as second class citizens by the European Jews who had established the State of Israel in 1947.

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