The Wonders

Inspired by a true story, Avi Nesher's The Wonders combines genres, moods and influences everything from film noir to Alice in Wonderland to create a unique and compelling movie that mixes mystery, comedy, psychological thriller, political intrigue and romance. The story focuses on Arnav, a graffiti artist and bartender, who lives near the Old City of Jerusalem. Wearing a mask, he paints walls at night and hopes that Vax, his former girlfriend who recently "found religion," will come back to him. But when Arnav sees a mysterious stranger forced into an abandoned apartment across the way by three bearded men, he becomes involved with a hard-boiled investigator, a gorgeous mystery woman, and the conflicted, mysterious captive himself.

Original title:
112 minutes
Avi Nesher
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Shown at

  1. 10th Annual Houston Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  2. 11th Israeli Film Festival (Canadian Film Institute) - 2014
  3. 18th Annual Israeli Film Festival (Philadelphia) - 2014
  4. 18th Denver Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  5. 19th Annual East Bay Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  6. 19th Annual Seattle Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  7. 22nd Israel Film Festival (Singapore) - 2014
  8. 22nd Portland Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  9. 24th Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  10. 29th Annual Buffalo International Jewish Film - 2014
  11. 9th Annual Baton Rouge Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  12. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  13. Cherry Hill Volvo Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  14. Columbus Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  15. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2014
  16. Israel Film Festival New York - 2014
  17. J├╝disches Filmfestival Wien - 2014
  18. Madison Israel Film Festival - 2015
  19. Maine Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  20. Ring Family Wesleyan University Israel Film Festival - 2015
  21. SERET the London Israeli Film & TV Festival - 2014
  22. Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  23. Sonoma County Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  24. Winnipeg International Jewish Film Festival - 2014

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