The Price of Sugar

Poster for The Price of Sugar The Price Of Sugar tells the alternately gripping, romantic and heart-wrenching story of Sarith and Mini-Mini as they grow up on the sugar plantations of Suriname in the latter half of the eighteenth century. Where Sarith is the most beautiful woman in the colony, the mulatto Mini-Mini is forever in her shadow, slave to her own half-sister.

Original title:
Hoe duur was de suiker
120 minutes
Jean van de Velde

Shown at

  1. 13th Annual Ventura County Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  2. 23rd Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  3. 26th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  4. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  5. East Bay International Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  6. Tucson International Jewish Film Festival - 2017

1 Response

  1. Eva Friedner says:

    Good film if the intention of tnhr JFF was too show that even our fellow Jews had slaves. But this fact was so extremely suttle that it might have been missed. There were only two or three references to Jewish life. Why was this aspect not even mentioned in any reviews, not even in the JFF summary. So my question is, what is this film doing in this festival?
    Why was the Jewish aspect so underplayed? Did the author have an agenda?

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