The King of Nerac

The King of Nerac is a film in the tradition of The Quince Tree Sun - a pure and meditative film based on unique and hard-won access that gets to the essence of the reclusive and fascinating subject. That subject is the extraordinary David Breuer Weil, who, like a modern day Gaugain, gave up his life as one of the world's most successful art dealers to become an artist himself, described by The Times of London as 'one of Britain's most powerful and original contemporary artists'. Breuer Weil is famous in the art world for his giant apocalyptic canvasses that stare unflinchingly at the horrors of twentieth century history, and for his colossal sculptures, which dominate public spaces around the world from London to Jerusalem.

76 minutes
Annie Sulzberger, Guy Natanel

Shown at

  1. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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