The Katzman Tapes

The Katzman Tapes is a feature-length mocumentary that tells with irony and satire – yet with a serious façade - the story of the State of Israel and Zionism by following the elusive character of Samuel Katzman and his non recorded influence on the historical events through which he apocryphally lived. The incredible story of the rise and ultimate disappearance of Katzman from the political arena between the 1930's until the early 2000's is but one layer of The Katzman Tapes. The parallel storyline is of the film’s director, Amnon Winner, as he struggles for years to bring this saga to the screen and finds the task increasingly daunting. Making one's vision come to life, he finds, is not at all trivial. The story builds up to the ultimate match-point: the meeting between the director and Samuel Katzman, a meeting only an event of cataclysmic magnitude could prevent. The Katzman Tapes is a satire on the political establishment; but also spares no criticism on the Zionist dream. The story of the director searching for Katzman ironically discusses the gap between the Israel that Katzman left behind and the Israel that could have been, shown in a lyrical, poetic cinematic language. The movie was shot over a course of a decade in Israel, USA, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Japan and Thailand.

90 minutes
Amnon Winner

Shown at

  1. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2014

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