Shadows from My Past

Poster for Shadows from My Past SHADOWS FROM MY PAST interweaves the tragic fate of one Austrian Jewish Family from Vienna. Letters written from 1939 - 1941 as they were trying to save their children and each other reverberate to today. SHADOWS features many face-to-face, unrehearsed interviews with contemporary Austrians and near past contemporary interviews including Simon Wiesenthal, Kurt Waldheim, President Heinz Fischer, Theodore Bikel, Jorg Haider, survivors and many others. SHADOWS interweaves the memories of Gita Kaufman's family with Austria's present perceptions with Austria's present perceptions of its role in the persecution and deportation of Jews during World War II. SHADOWS underlines the need for Holocaust memory preservation, tolerance education, and serves as a warning for today.

86 minutes
Curt Kaufman, Gita Kaufman

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  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    Confronting the ‘Shadows From My Past’

    Gita Weinrauch Kaufmann speaks to the ‘Post’ about her moving documentary, which chronicles her visit to Austria, the country she escaped from as a child in 1940.

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