Regina: The First Woman Rabbi

The story of Regina Jonas found me. The world's first woman Rabbi lived in Berlin of the 1930s, and her greatest dream was to become a Rabbi. She felt that she was born to be a Rabbi, but women were barred from becoming a Rabbi according to the Jewish laws. I was deeply impressed by her short life story, which was full of struggles. But how can I tell her story, when there is one surviving photo of her and only a few letters? That was the challenge. Rachel Weisz as the inspiring figure Regina, makes this story complete. The use of archive and experimental editing technique adds a magical layer which pulls the audience into this unique story.

Diana Groó
Poster for Regina: The First Woman Rabbi

Shown at

  1. 18º Festival de Cinema Judaico de Sao Paulo - 2014
  2. 22nd Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  3. 24th Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  4. Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  5. Jewish International Film Festival (Australia) - 2014
  6. Jüdisches Filmfestival Wien - 2014
  7. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  8. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  9. Zsido Film Fesztival - 2014

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