Pole, Dancer and a Movie

Poster for Pole, Dancer and a Movie On her way to the Netherlands to represent Israel at the European Pole Dancing Championship, Neta Lee Levy stops by her grandmother’s house to get her blessing. The older traditional Moroccan grandmother reminds her not to push herself to the limits, but Neta is just that kind of woman - since she was a child, Neta Lee Levy challenged the world she came from no less then she challenges the would she lives in now. Neta (33), who was first exposed to the strip clubs in Japan in her 20s, is the founder of Israel’s first pole dancing studio- the fastest growing fitness-dance trend among woman around the world. This erotic sport may have started in strip clubs, but during the last few years is slowly wining international recognition as an art form and a means of empowering women. In his fifth film, award winning controversial Israeli documentary filmmaker Isri Halpern takes us on a filmed journey in which he redefines the traditional relationship between filmmaker and subject. Delving into the soul and life of a true modern woman who is funny, out-spoken, and a painfully frank woman taking on both chauvinist and feminist ideas of a woman’s place in the world. She is a unique dancer artist and athlete who demonstrates that at the dawn of the twenty-first century a woman in a bikini and high heels may also be the stuff that champions are made of.

Original title:
Isha, Amood, Seret
55 minutes
Isri Halpern

Shown at

  1. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2014

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