It Happened in Havana: A Yiddish Love Story

Poster for It Happened in Havana: A Yiddish Love Story A documentary about an elderly Jewish couple who look back at their childhoods on the lower east side of NYC and Eastern Europe, their courtship in Cuba and their life together in New York featuring personal and archival photographs and home movies from the 1920's through 1950's.

27 minutes
Judy Schiller

Shown at

  1. Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival - 2014

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  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    Love, Forged in Cuba
    The film ‘It Happened in Havana’ tells the story of a Jewish couple’s courtship in Cuba during the start of World War II
    By Rose Kaplan

  2. jewishfilmfests says:

    Film reveals love story, historical insight into Cuba

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