Hora 79

Poster for Hora 79 The Hora 79 dance troupe was the face of Israeli folk dancing. Following a traumatic event. An accident? A murder? A suicide? The group ceased its activity and the members went their own ways. Now, 33 years later, the Karmiel Dance Festival initiates a reunion for a tribute to Hebrew dance. The encounter brims with nostalgia, tension, and guilt. Will they be able to overcome the dark ghosts of the past, the old conflicts, the betrayal of the body and of the memory?

92 minutes
Eli Cohen

Shown at

  1. 22nd Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  2. AICE Israeli Film Festival - 2014

2 Responses

  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    “A comedy about dance and growing older. Thirty five years ago, Israel’s mythological folk dance troupe “Hora ’79″ ceased its activity following a traumatic event, and the dancers went their separate ways. Now, after several decades, the Carmiel Dance Festival initiates a one-time event – a tribute to the legendary dance troupe. Upon receiving this surprising invitation, the troupe decides to reunite.”

  2. jewishfilmfests says:

    “HORA 79″— Aging and Israeli Dance
    by Amos Lassen
    ““Hora 79” is a comedy about dance and aging. The troupe had once represented Israel everywhere in the world and that is enough to get the dancers to come together one more time. ”

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