Footsteps in Jerusalem

Using the iconic and artistic documentary film, In Jerusalem, made by David Perlov in 1963, as its taking off point, Footsteps in Jerusalem is mainly about Jerusalem today. The contemporary vignettes are made by students and graduates of the Sam Spiegel Film School, who were asked to follow in the footsteps of David Perlov and take their inspiration from him.

90 minutes
Amichai Chasson, Boaz Frankel, Benjamin Freidenberg, Dan Geva, Moran Ifergan, Yarden Karmin, Nadav Lapid, David Ofek, David Perlov, Elad Schwartz

Shown at

  1. 22nd Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  2. Boston Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  3. Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival - 2014

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